Current version v212F(MiSTer/MiST/SiDi)/v212F(A500Mini)

A500Mini Edition v212F:

Released 24th DEC 2023! (Merry christmas)

Torrent (Please seed):


Regarding AMiNIMiga v212F

There is a small problem with the Amiberry5 initialization at first boot for some,

but only on first boot. Amiberry5 needs to get the rom from A500Mini FW for initial

AMiNIMiga startup and it doesn’t get copied fast enough depending on USB memory speeds,

it will get stuck on a white/grey screen. Press F12, then Quit Amiberry, and finally relaunch the default

AMiNIMiga Start file should work. A patch that fixes this will be released in the coming days.

MiSTer Edition v212F:

Released 15th of MAY 2024


Please read and follow the included ReadMe and Instructions.txt


Older version v101



Whats new in v101 video:

Setup instruction video:





Don’t have the time, a USB stick or knowledge to get this working?
Retro32 shop is offering a usb-write-service for AMiNIMiga
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NOTE:  Retro32 are not selling the Public domain games/applications or utilities. The files contained on
the drive are a gift with the purchase of the USB flash drive – it is a writing service.
A proportion of the sale price will also be donated to The Centre for Computing History in Cambridge UK!



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