Official website for the AMiNIMiga project,

A Pre-setup Workbench for your A500Mini

Containing some of the long forgotten and abandoned software you knew and loved from your youth.

Including but not limited to:


  • DiectoryOpus 4, ScalaMM, FinalWriter
  • Eagleplayer, Hippoplayer, ProTracker
  • DeluxePaint, Brilliancs, Real3D, Lightwave
  • Amos, AmigaE, BlitzBasic


*All of which of cource are shareware or abandonware by now!


AMiNIMiga comes preloaded with almost the whole WHDLoad package, with titles such as:

Superfrog, AlienBreed, Apidya, Banshee, Breathless, Cannon Fodder, Civilization, IK+, Lemmings, Slam Tilt, etc ect!

Some newly ported Amiga games: Doom, Duke Nukem, Heretic, Wolfenstein3D

Three different games launchers: iGame, TinyLauncher, Xbench, you should find one you like!

The whole WHDLoad package with Demos, with all time favorites like:

Arte, Coma, Enigma, Hologon, JesusOnE,StateOfTheArt and a handfull more





Downloads are down until an issue with AmigaKit regarding PPaint is solved!

Today is AMiNIMiga MiSTer day!

First out of many AMiNIMiga Editions is MiSTer Edition! Release today (03/25 2023) 20:00 GMT+2. I will do livestream playing some games and watching some demos in the Facebook group, please join in:

AMiNIMiga Users group

Downloads will be found on the Download page here on the website after the Livestream has started at 20:00!

If you enjoy what i do, gift be a beer or a coffe:





Happy new Year!

The new year has begun!

I thought i would start it with a BANG and release a completely free and public version of AMiNIMiga v200F(202F) for the A500Mini. Downloads are on the Downloads page! please follow the instructions carefully, they have changed a bit from v101!

For this year i’m wishing for a lot less complains about copying speed of v101 ūüôā

From “All of me” to all of you: Have fun with AMiNIMiga v200: Download

If you enjoy what i do, gift be a beer or a coffe:





The AMiNIMiga-RTG is under development, a first Beta is available for beta testers and as thank you to donators, You can view a small sneak peak video to the left.


Im working on porting over AMiNIMiga to more Systems, next in line is RPi4/400 versions, pictured to the right here. Also coming are versions for MiSTer, PiStorm and i have thought of making a PC USB stick bootable straight to AMiNIMiga on “any” PC.



A compact reimagining of the Amiga 500 home computer released by RetroGames LTD in 2022!

USB Stick

A high quality USB stick, preferably USB 3 (for fast PC transfers) The A500 is USB 2.0 only


Get it from the Downloads link at the top! Scroll down for instructions!

Instructions: (for v101, for v202 follow instructions.txt inside archive)

Video instructions are now available


1. Format your USB stick as FAT32 (If you have problems use “Rufus”)

2. Unpack the archive either direct to the USB or to the hardrive first

3. Copy the unarchived files to the USB stick (as pictured)

4. !!Read the Release setup .txt file!!

5. Insert your USB stick in the back (or USB hub) of you’r¬†A500Mini

6. Turn on the A500!

7. Go to the USB icon in RetroGames Launcher (as pictured)

8. Press A to enter the USB stick

9. Locate Aminimiga in the list (as pictured)

10. Press A to slelect a startup config, you’r oprtions might differ

      depending on version, Aminimiga/Aminimiga-RTG/2player/

      WHDLoad-Optimized for example.


11. Never press Menu to enter the RG configurator when Aminimiga is

       selected it will overwrite my custom config and you will have to

       copy  the .uae file from the archive again. (pictured as example)


12. Press Home to start the Selected startup config!


13. PROFIT (pictured below)

14. Have fun, hopefully as fun as i had compiling this WB.





If you like what I do and find it usefull, you are free to buy me a coffe/beer

using the links below! THANK YOU for supporting the future of AMiNIMiga.